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Luxor Sightseeing

A group of temples and the religious quarter of Thebes, the temple of Amon with its Hypostyle hall of 134 columns, Obelisks and Sacred lakes was linked to the Nile by a canal through which moved the famous Sacred boats. Other buildings include chapel of Seti II, temple of Ramses III and temple of Khonsu.

The temple was constructed by Amenophis III and Ramses II and was once linked with Karnak by Avenue of Sphinxes.

Cross the Nile by ferryboat where lies the city of the Dead, the Necropolis of Thebes. Visit some of the most interesting tombs such as set I, Ramses VI, Amenophis II and Tutankhamen. See also temple of queen Hatsheput, the twin Colossi of Memon erected on the fringe of the desert with their heads facing the Nile. Both represent king AmenophisIII. Visit also the Ramesseum courtyards, pillars and statutes. One the way back visits the valley of queens and Nobles which shelters the tombs of the queens and young princess. it is located on very picturesque mountain site.

Sound and Light at Karnak:
A new performance of Sound & Light is now presented at the enchanting site of Karnak, start after sunset.

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