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Aswan Sightseeing

Admire the craftsmanship of the ancient stone-hewers of the city of Syene (original name of Aswan). The quarries show remarkable traces of the industry and skill of the masons who wrought for the pharaohs, See the unfinished obelisk and the old Dam, which is the start of one of the greatest achievements of 20th century dedicated to Isis and Osiris has now been reconstructed on the island of Aglikia.

Visit Elephantine island sail across the Nile fringed with black lava-rock, one of these rocks has the unmistakable shape of an elephant; continue to the Nilometer and museum, containing a great number of antiquities-most were found in the vicinity of Nubia.

Walk around beautiful gardens of Botanic Island with tropical trees and flowers, used as an experimental place for acclimatizing foreign species of plants. Also visit the beautiful Mausoleum of Agha Khan.

Elephantine Island:
It was one of the most powerful forts on Egypt’s southern borders. It lies opposite the old Cataract Hotel. On the island there are the relies of stone temples of various eras including the temple of Khnum, erected during the old Kingdom and reconstructed at the turn of Pharaonic era. The island houses “The Nilometer” dating from the Roman era and also a museum containing an important collection of relies of the Greco-Roman eras which were discovered in Aswan sand Nubia.

Kalabsha Temple:
The Temple of Kalabsha, which has been dismantled & re-erected on a hill near the High-Dam site (Western Bank). Originally built by Toutmosis II & Amenophis II at Kalabsha, 40 miles south of Aswan, the Temple was restored during the Roman conquest.

Abu Simbel Temple (Abu Simbel City):
The colossal Temple of Abu Simbel built by Ramses II (19th Dynasty) & lately saved from inundation of the Nile water is among the glories of ancient Egyptian monuments.
• The temples were built out of a sandstone rock cliff, & representation of deities to which each was dedicated is carved on his huge facade.
• The small temple of the King’s wife Nefertari, dedicated to the goddess Hathour.
N.B. This excursion can be undertaken by plane or bus.

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